What Are Tea Kettles

Teapots vs. Tea Kettles

Many companies and, of course, tea lovers are replacing teapot and tea kettle. When it comes to buying a pot for making tea, it is important to understand the difference between the two of them.

Teapots are usually pots that can store hot water for serving tea. They are not used to heat water on the stove. The reason for this is that teapots are made of materials that do not withstand high temperatures as they would crack.

Tea kettles are designed to heat water in them. There are electric kettles that heat water with the battery or electricity. And there are stove top kettles which can be used directly on the stove as they can withstand high temperatures.

Types of Tea Kettle

You can find tea kettles for sale in various sizes and materials. So far as materials of these tea kettles is concerned that can be described as under:

Cast Iron Kettles

Old fashioned tea kettles of this type are in use to make tea since long. They were preferably used for their long life as compared to the kettles made from other metals as they can last longer if handled carefully. Moreover, heir good heat conductor property help in heating and preserving the temperature of the tea in them for longer time These kettles can be used directly on fire for making or re-heating the tea.

Cast iron is characterized by a low profile with a wide opening for making tea. Some teapots and kettles made of cast iron have an internal enamel coating, which somehow prevents the cast iron from soaking up the smell of tea, and so several types of tea can be prepared in such a teapot. If the teapot does not have an internal enamel coating, then only such is used to prepare one type of tea. High-quality teapots and water kettles made of cast iron are equipped with handles made of various materials, usually bamboo or some other wood. The short filling opening allows quick and easy pouring from the teapot into the cup, and the cast iron retains heat for a longer time, making it suitable for multiple tea pours. Many also include a stainless steel strainer that makes bulk teas easy and quick to make.

Glass Kettles

Tea kettles of this type are among the most economic kettles available in the market to make fresh teas of rich flavors. People usually prefer them as they are easy to clean but for their maintenance they have to be careful as they are fragile than metal kettles. They can be used to make tea effectively on electric stove as well as gas stove.

Glass water kettles and glass teapots are a great choice for tea lovers who also want a visual dimension when making tea. The glass provides a visual view of what happens to the tea leaves during preparation and what happens to the water when it changes its color. Glass kettles and glass teapots are also a great choice for making flowering teas. If you choose glass, remember that it is more sensitive to shocks, so we suggest that you choose one made of borosilicate glass, which is stronger and can withstand larger shocks. Also, glass teapots are rarely used directly on the stove. If you would like to use it directly on the stove then we suggest you choose one with a stainless steel bottom. Glass teapots and kettles can be washed in the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel Kettles

Most of the kitchens today use stainless steel kettles for making tea and other hot beverages as they lest longer than other metal kettles. These kettles are mainly used in households due to their energy efficient and quick boiling features. They are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe and do not require careful maintenance.

Stainless steel kettles and teapots are among the most durable and long-lasting options. They retain heat perfectly and heat up quickly, so they are a great choice if you want to drink tea for multiple toppings. Stainless steel kettles and kettles are easy to clean, they can also be washed in the dishwasher, but we do not recommend this. They are resistant to bumps and falls and can serve you for many years in the preparation of your favorite tea. If you opt for a kettle or kettle made of stainless steel, choose one that does not contain lead to prevent changes in the taste of tea and prevent side effects on health.

Copper Kettles

Kettles of this type were popular in ancient times, several centuries ago, as they can heat up the water to boiling point very easy due to their good heat conductor nature. But people usually do not prefer it as compared to stainless steel kettles as it tarnishes easily with time You will have to maintain it carefully for its long life.

Ceramical Kettles

Ceramic teapots have been valued for centuries in both China and Europe. Ceramic teapots are made from a type of clay that is then fired at higher temperatures. A glazed coating is usually also used, which adds a visual element to the teapot. The first teapots originated in China and are now made around the world. The highest quality ceramic teapots are still made by hand. Because they are burned at high temperatures, the clay becomes extremely dense and therefore becomes much more resistant to shocks than clay or glass teapots. Most ceramic teapots also have an internal glazed coating, which means that we can prepare several types of tea in them. However, if you use an unglazed teapot, we advise you to use only one type of tea, as the clay absorbs the smell and color during the preparation of the tea. With each preparation of tea, however, the color and smell penetrate deeper into the structure and consequently the teapot darkens. Most ceramic teapots are not suitable for cooking on the stove, but they are very effective in keeping the heat of already prepared tea.

Clay Teapots

Clay and earthenware teapots have been known in the East for thousands of years, and making tea in these can be a real art. The beauty of clay and pottery is that they tell a story. The color of the clay indicates the region from which it comes. Some types of clay are also essential for the preparation of traditional tea parties or tea ceremonies. Clay and earthenware teapots are suitable for traditional tea lovers who enjoy not only drinking tea, but also the story of tea and teapot.

Choose the right one

There is no perfect teapot or kettle for everyone. The choice depends on your wishes, what you need it for, what kind of tea you like to prepare and how much tea you drink. When choosing a teapot, consider your tastes and desires. You will only need to choose your best and favorite tea and enjoy every sip.

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