The Health Benefits of Tea

Don’t you just love a nice cup of tea? That’s great, because tea has plenty of different health benefits.

Today we’ll talk about how tea affects your health and well-being. We’ll also discuss which types of tea you should drink in different circumstances.

Benefits of consuming tea

Tea really has a huge variety of positive effects on human health. It is no wonder that it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. In addition to the acclaimed antioxidant properties of green tea and the energy charge of black tea, regular consumption of tea also has many other positive effects. Among them are also these 10 positive effects of tea that you don’t know yet!

1. Tea calms thoughts

People who drink tea regularly are more relaxed, have calmer thoughts, and can also concentrate more on the tasks. The reason for this positive effect of tea is the content of the amino acid L-theanine. The largest amounts of this amino acid can be found in green and black tea.

Regular consumption of tea containing L-theanine also have positive effects on relieving anxiety in people who have suffering from anxiety disorders.

2. Tea reduces stress hormone levels

Drinking tea will help you instantly improve your well-being and relaxation. Research has also shown that regular consumption of four cups of black tea a day, over a period of one month, crucially reduces as much as 20% levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Drinking black tea could be one of the best methods to drive stress out of your life. Lower levels of stress are associated with generally better well-being and less risk of developing various diseases.

3. Drinking tea can affect short-term memory

Another great benefit of drinking tea is its ability to improve short-term memory. This is thanks to the caffeine found in some types of tea, especially black and green tea. You will notice a better concentration immediately after consuming a cup of tea. Your thoughts will be more attentive and your short-term memory will be better.

4. Tea protects bones

All types of tea have a certain amount of antioxidants that have a positive effect on the health of the whole body. Regular consumption of tea has also been associated with stronger bones. Although it is not entirely known why, this is most likely due to the phytochemical content in the tea.

5. Tea lowers blood pressure

Regular consumption of only half a cup of green or oolongo tea a day can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. Increasing the daily amount of green or oolongo tea can further reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

6. Tea affects gastrointestinal health

Different types of tea have different positive effects on the body and nothing is different even in the gastrointestinal tract. Green tea, which contains polyphenols, has been shown to have a positive effect on gastrointestinal inflammation caused by symptoms such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Meanwhile, red tea has extremely calming effects and significantly reduces stomach cramps.

7. Tea prevents bad breath

Thanks to the polyphenols in different types of tea, those people who regularly consume tea could have less trouble with bad breath. The antibacterial properties of these substances can significantly reduce the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity. Which leads to improved bad breath.

8. Tea could alleviate food poisoning

Catechin is one of the substances that can be found in green tea. It is responsible for bitterness in tea. But it has been proven effective substances that reduce bacteria who cause food poisoning and significantly reduce the effects of toxins produced by these bacteria. Thus, tea could have a good effect on eliminating the problems that occur as a result of food poisoning.

9. Tea affects blood sugar

One of the more high-profile findings regarding the positive effects of consuming green tea relates to its ability to affect blood sugar levels. Due to the content of catechins and polysaccharides in tea, regular consumption of tea lowers blood sugar, and researchers also claim that there are links between regular consumption of green tea and a lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

10. Black tea eliminates colds

We all know that a cup of tea is the best remedy for colds. In the case of a cold and a full nose, black tea with lemon is especially recommended. It has a fantastic effect on unclogging a stuffy nose during illness. The winning combination is due to the anti-inflammatory active ingredients of black tea and caffeine. Which has an effect on clearing the mind and restoring energy during illness.

Negative impacts of regular tea consuming


Tea TypeCaffeine
Black Tea40 - 120 mg
Oolong Tea50 - 75 mg
Green Tea12 - 75 mg
White Tea6-75 mg
Herbal Tea0 mg

Tea contains large amounts of caffeine. With this information, consuming tea on large amounts will translate to increased anxiety, insomnia nausea and restlessness conditions. These conditions might hinder one’s relaxation abilities.

Tea contains elements of fluoride. Fluoride is very helpful in keeping the human dental formula intact and strong. Although this is the case, huge amounts of fluoride may increase the risk of osteo fluorosis and fragile bones rather than making them strong.

Tea contains aluminum and iron as well as other metals. Although the consumption of low amounts of these metals is helpful to the human health, consuming large amounts of the same might cause serious health problems.

Tea can also be addictive because of the nicotine elements in tea. It is a known fact that even an addiction to healthy foods is not good, in short there is no good addiction.


It is important to understand the recommended levels of consuming tea. So you are able to maximaze on the various health benefits of it.

You might also find useful to try the different types of tea. That is how you can choose the tea type which best suits your drinking and health needs.

Impressed by the positive effects of tea? Check out our recipes for teas, with which you can experience the health benefits of tea every day!

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