How to Make Matcha Tea?

Making matcha tea is easy and quick ritual. It can automatically become intuitive over time. It’s just about enjoying the moment rather than thinking about the steps themselves.

Ceremonial or Culinary Matcha

Among matcha fans, the question constantly arises as to what type of matcha is suitable for preparing the increasingly popular hot beverage.

Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality matcha, which is organically grown. Its leaves are picked by hand by growers and a lot of attention is paid to the entire production process. You can recognize it by its extremely strong, almost neon green color.

Culinary matcha is of slightly lower quality and its color is not as pronounced. It is suitable for preparing smoothies, desserts and other wonderful recipes.

To enjoy matcha in the form of tea (with or without milk) I advise you a ceremonial matcha. For matcha latte, you can also choose a good culinary matcha.

What Tools Do I Need to Make a Homemade Matcha?

The traditional preparation of matcha tea is also associated with special utensils that have their own special names. If you are a fan of Japanese culture and want to drink tea to the next level, you can buy these 9 tools for making matcha tea:

  • Tea Caddy (Cha-ire/Natsume) – A storage box for tea used during ceremonies. It can be made of wood, bamboo, paper or plastic and is decorated and made by hand.
  • Whisk (Chasen) – A bamboo whisk is essential for making the perfect matcha tea.
  • Tea Bowl (Chawan)-A traditional Japanese matcha drinking cup. Usually, black cups are used to serve the matcha, in which the unique green color of the matcha really comes to the fore.
  • Tea Scoop (Chashaku)-The bamboo spoon is designed to measure and insert matcha powder into bowls. Of course, you can use your measuring spoon.
  • Portable Braizer (Furo) – A small Kettle used when fire is not available.
  • Kettle Lit (Futa) – It is used to retain hot water before removing it from the iron pot.
  • Iron Pot (Kama/Chanoyugama) – A cast iron pot used exclusively for boiling water.
  • Wastewater Bowl (Kensui) – It has cylindrical shape and can be made of different material.
  • Drawstring Pouch (Shifuku) – It is used to store all the tools above. Traditionally is made of silk.

Don’t worry, you don’t need all the tools for preparing matcha. For a nice cup of matcha tea, whisk is enough.

Preparation of Matcha Tea

The preparation of matcha tea itself is from the following four steps:

  1. Add about 2g of matcha powder to the cup (which is 2 bamboo teaspoons or 1 teaspoon).
  2. Heat the water to 80 °C and pour it into a cup.
  3. Start mixing in the shape of the letter M (zigzag) to combine the powder with the water. Matcha is foaming and should be free of lumps.
  4. Enjoy drinking while it is still hot!
How to prepare matcha tea

Matcha tea can also be prepared in three types of density:

  • Standard – Mix 1 teaspoon of tea powder with 59 ml of hot water.
  • Usucha – Mix ½ teaspoons with 89 – 118 ml of hot water.
  • Koicha – Mix 2 teaspoons with 30 ml of hot water.

What else can you add to your matcha tea?

You can be really creative in preparing your matcha. In addition to the matcha, of course, the most common supplements are:

  • Coconut oil or butter: This ingredient is important if you don’t use milk as it will add a creamy texture to your matcha. If you want your matcha to have an extra creamy texture and foam, then use a little milk in addition to coconut oil.
  • Collagen: Of course, you don’t need to add it, but it’s one of the ingredients that contributes to the beautiful foam on top of your matcha and adds protein to it. Collagen is great for the intestines, beautiful skin, hair and nails.
  • Adaptogens: are substances that help the body adapt to various natural factors from the environment (cold, heat, lack of oxygen). If you use them, you can also include a daily dose in your matcha.

Adding Matcha to Other Dishes

The use of matcha tea today is versatile. We found some ideas on how to include matcha tea:

  • Ingredient for oatmeal – whether you are making porridge or muesli in the morning, add matcha tea to the mixture. It will pleasantly color your breakfast and you will easily receive the nutrients contained in the matcha.
  • An ingredient for a smoothie – Matcha can be added to many meals or drinks such as a healthy smoothie. It will make your drink colorful and delicious.
  • Ingredients for cakes and pies – there are no limits to creativity, matcha tea can be added to pancakes, muffins or other desserts.
  • Prepare a matcha latte – put in a cup 1 teaspoon of tea, 1 teaspoon of honey and pour one tablespoon of boiling water. Heat the milk and steam, then pour into the mixture.
Matcha Tea Smoothie

There are several options for using matcha powder, it all depends on your creativity and taste. You can also add it to salad dressings, granola, yogurt shakes, milk drinks, popcorn or make matcha ice sticks.

Drink it up

Now you know how to prepare the best matcha tea cup in the world. And right in the shelter of your home. Great, isn’t it? Jump on the recipe for matcha latte and check if you have all the ingredients to make your first gorgeous cup.

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