Discover Tea Of The Countries In The World

It is said that tea is among the top two most drinks consumed in the world second to water only. Tea was originally grown and consumed in Asia. But it has spread to the rest of the world where practically every country in the world consumes it.

Tea was first used in China where it was used as a medicinal drink and not as a refreshment drink. Ever since tea became popular with the Britons in the 17th century, it has spread to the rest of the world where it is even grown in African countries in large amounts. Since there are many countries who have established their own type of tea, it is important to note that different countries prepare their tea differently.

The insight below will show the different countries and how they prepare and serve their tea and who knows you might find the information useful in preparing different types of tea in your home without having to travel across the world to experience the different types of tea based on the different countries.

Types of tea based on country

China tea

Being the original place where tea was first discovered and used, there is no doubt that the tea in China should be as appealing and enjoyable as possible. Tea in China has been used ever since the 2000 BC up to date. Although it was first used a medicinal drink, it was later transformed to be a refreshment.

The Chinese people have so much value for tea where tea leaves were and are still offered to visitors as gifts, during courtship rituals, ancestral worship as well as other Chinese traditional rituals.

The Chinese were the people responsible for the introduction of tea to Japan, Korea and then to the rest of the world. So if you need to have a taste of the China tea, you can as well visit any Chinese restaurant and request for a cup of Chinese tea and you will no doubt love what will be presented to you.

Japan tea

Tea in Japan was introduced by Chinese and it was first served to monks and priests. As years passed, tea was incorporated into the Japanese culture as the new generation would be introduced to the tea as soon as they were brought into the world.

In the mid-1500s, A Japanese priest by the name Rikyu embraced the tea in Japanese cultural ceremonies and it is because of this that he was called the founder of the Japanese tea in ceremonies. The Japanese are however known to prefer green tea which is also the particular tea which is associated with most of the advantages that are associated with tea consumption.

Indian tea

India is basically the largest exporter of tea in the world. With such kind of information, you are guaranteed that they are bound to be among the best people who can prepare tea. Although they are the biggest exporter of tea in the world, most of the tea they product is consumed locally.

With this kind of information you can conclude that Indians consume a lot of tea. Indian tea is attributed to fine, fragrant and fruity tea. The Indian tea is prepared and served when black. It is simmered with sugar, milk and flavored spices, such as ginger and cinnamon. So whenever you visit an Indian hotel you can request for either a masala tea or a spiced tea. Although they are not the native users of tea, they are certainly among the best people who can prepare you a cup of tea.

United Kingdom tea

United Kingdom is tied with Ireland as the top two countries that consume large amounts of tea in Europe. English tea has become very popular among the world with people requesting for English tea even in hotels that are not in the United Kingdom. Most of the English tea is served while black. The two most common English teas are however, Earl Grey tea and English breakfast tea.


Although the above country teas are among the most common and popular teas in the world, there are other types of tea which one can try out. The different types of tea are connected with the different countries there are in the world. Each country is known to have its own way of serving its tea and you can learn the different types of tea based on the different countries.

You do not have to travel across the world to have an experience of the different teas served in the different countries, you can learn about the steps followed by those countries when preparing their coffee where you will have the opportunity to prepare the tea by yourself.

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